Apple vs Android Activation Numbers

The point of modern politics isn’t to win the argument but to make the other person lose.

And this is why Apple fired their 230,000 iOS activations a day shot at Google on Wednesday. Prior to this announcement Google had been receiving all the press about how fast they were growing their mobile operating system share. Every week seemed to bring a new, larger number recently culminating at 200,000 activations a day.

Of course, these exact numbers are private to each respective company and so we are left with analysts to try and read tea leaves to predict what is what. In doing, this each analyst will have heir own methodologies and it gets confusing really fast. System upgrades, device upgrades, new devices, new users, old users, phone capability, tablets, tablets with cell capability. See what just happened? Confusing. Suddenly it becomes a mess and people stop relying on this metric because no one can agree.

Now whenever someone brings up this number its going to be met with skepticism and caveats instead of just being accepted as the PR fluff it was. That is how Apple is going to make Google lose the argument and refocus attention back to the metrics they see as important.

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  1. Harlow says:

    Apple vs android activation numbers.. Nice :)

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