Apple Doesn’t Do Social, Macworld Looks At Game Center

One of Apple’s largest weakness is social/internet platforms. See Ping, Game Center, Favorites between AppleTV and iTunes, etc.  I don’t think it’s an issue of engineering talent but rather that social/internet platforms runs counter to Apple’s culture of secrecy and penchant for grand roll-outs.   The interaction required between all these different groups to make a killer social/internet platform isn’t possible given how tightly controlled new products are within Apple.  In fact, I’ve been told stories by Apple acquaintances of mine that the first time all the different product groups working on the same project will actually see the completed project is when it’s actually being announcement to the public at something like a Macworld.

In iOS 4, the company tried to capitalize on that popularity by launching Game Center, a social networking service for iOS games—but, like the company’s Ping social service, it’s largely been met with a collective shrug of indifference by users.Macworld Apple needs to press play on Game Center | Games | iOS Central.

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