U2 Goes For The Money Grab, To Reissue Achtung Baby

I’m stoked by video, audio and unreleased music from that era but i’m not stoked when people talk like this and treat their customers like ATM’s. I think someone has lost the plot.

Its likely there will be separate reissues of Achtung Baby and Zooropa, along with a deluxe box set that incorporates both albums as well as video and/or audio from Zoo TV. “There will be multiple formats,” says U2s manager, Paul McGuinness. “If you pile a lot of extra material and packaging and design work into a super-duper box set, there are people who will pay quite a lot for it, so you can budget it at a very high level and pump up the value.”

via U2 Go Back to the Nineties With Massive Achtung Baby Reissue | Rolling Stone Music.

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One Response to U2 Goes For The Money Grab, To Reissue Achtung Baby

  1. David Lee says:

    ya sadly U2 has always treated it’s fans like ATMS they left off the buffalo “one” video on their greatest hits dvd, but put it on their lame singles dvd, put out three or four cds for each single (been doing this since pop) and now they even screwed up the 360 tour by opening with “breathe” when everyone, EVERYONE knows “no line on the horizon” was the one to go with no wonder they’ve dumped the rest of the album since they screwed up the setlist from the get-go they also can’t seem to release their “reissues” in the order of their actual release (what’s next a no line remaster, then a pop, then a passengers lmao fml) they’re also really, REALLY lazy and can’t be bothered to play multiple shows for their fans anymore :’( wish U2 would start treating their fans (the ones who made them rich) as well as they treat celebrities and poor people A+ musical talent and message D- on how they treat their fans