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U2 Goes For The Money Grab, To Reissue Achtung Baby

I’m stoked by video, audio and unreleased music from that era but i’m not stoked when people talk like this and treat their customers like ATM’s. I think someone has lost the plot. Its likely there will be separate reissues … Continue reading

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The Global Drug War Is A Failure

The Drug War is a failure. Jimmy Carter in the New York Times: The report describes the total failure of the present global antidrug effort, and in particular America’s “war on drugs,” which was declared 40 years ago today. It … Continue reading

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“Big Content” Is Strangling American Innovation

One of the greatest threats to the USs ability to innovate lies within: specifically, with the music and movie business. These Big Content businesses are attempting to protect themselves from change so aggressively that they risk damaging Americas position as … Continue reading

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iOS: Prompting for App Ratings Using Appirater

I was looking for an easy to implement method to prompt for user ratings of my apps and found a great method here: Appirater. The goal of Appirater is to encourage your satisfied user’s to rate your app. To use … Continue reading

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Cellphones on a Plane

Interesting, but I’m all for banning cellphones so I don’t need to listen to some ass talk at the top of his voice so everyone knows about his golf outings and how awesome he is. You know there would be … Continue reading

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67th Anniversary of D-Day

Today is the 67th anniversary of D-Day. Some great color photos from LIFE. Before and After D-Day: In Color – Photo Gallery – LIFE.

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LocaDo 1.1 Submitted to The AppStore

I submitted LocaDo 1.1 to the app store this weekend and wanted to give a sneak peak. New features include: A sleep mode for improved battery life, up to 60% better in my tests. Metric to do saving for our … Continue reading

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2011 WWDC Live Streaming Options

Apple isn’t providing video this year so here’s a collection of publications covering it on their sites.  “F$&k it, we’ll do it live!” Engadget Boy Genius Report The Loop MacRumorsLive ArsTechnica Apple Insider Mac Daily News Wired Business Insider cnet … Continue reading

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Example Objective-C Code for iOS/iPhone/iPad

Learning a new programming language can be difficult and sometimes developer documentation just doesn’t convey the message clearly and you need an example.  Coming from PHP where every function is documented with example code, I feel this is one area … Continue reading

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Terrorist ‘pre-crime’ detector field tested in United States

I can’t think of anything that could possibly go wrong with this. Planning a sojourn in the northeastern United States? You could soon be taking part in a novel security programme that can supposedly ‘sense’ whether you are planning to … Continue reading

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