Car Pool Party Goes Live – My First App

I’m very happy to announce that today my first app for the iPhone has gone live on the iTunes app store.

From the description:

Car Pool Party was created for my fiancée to help her arrange and keep track of her daily car pools. With four inconsistent members, keeping track of whose turn it was to drive just got too messy. Heck, even with only two members they’d sometimes forget whose turn it was!

This app keeps track of all the subgroups possible within a carpool, making it super easy and fair to everyone. The features include:
– Driver and passenger history for all possible subgroups
– Automatic driver selection based on driver and passenger history
– Manual pick of driver for those times when you need to mix up the order
– Simple, user-friendly interface

With Pool Party, never again will you have to play rock-paper-scissors to choose a carpool driver!

Get it here: Car Pool Party

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